Feels Good To Be Back!


WOW. It feels so good to be back! After a long, unanticipated hiatus, I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be getting back into the swing of things. These past couple months have been full of both ups and downs. From POT (proof of time) submissions to injuries, I have experienced it all. I hate negative self-talk, focusing on what went wrong, and making excuses so I’m choosing to focus on the positive aspects of this break. I’m embracing the curveballs life throws at you from time to time, but more on that below.


Or at least that’s what I told myself… Lets rewind. As of my last update, I was preparing to run the San Francisco Giants Half Marathon. Since deciding to run the Dopey Challenge, I knew this half marathon would be my best option for submitting a good POT to secure a slot in an early corral during WDW Marathon Weekend. The race checked all of my boxes: good time of year = good weather, mostly flat course, and late enough in the year to ensure I was trained up. What I didn’t anticipate was that about 1 week before the race, I would be protecting my 2yr old dog, Bailey, from a large and aggressive dog and I ended up getting bit in the knee. As I limped to Urgent Care all I could think of was what a setback this could be for my race.

September 8th, the morning of my race, came and my 5:30am alarm entitled “Let's get itttt!” woke me up. I hadn’t yet run since the knee incident but I was feeling hopeful and told myself to run through the pain, if there was any, because ‘this was it’. The first few miles were pretty slow going and although I wasn’t in pain at this point, my knee felt super sore. I figured this was because I was just starting out and needed to warm up a bit, so I picked up the pace. Yeah. Bad idea. The soreness never went away and actually turned into a slight stinging pain. I wasn’t monitoring my pace and was running wayyy too fast. Fast forward to the end of the race and at the last mile I seriously thought about quitting. I had made it 12 miles and I didn’t even care. I. Was. Done. I couldn’t believe my own mental state at this point and knew that regardless of the outcome, I needed a break. I crossed the finish line, got my medal and an additional challenge medal for completing multiple local races throughout the year, and hung up my running shoes.


After a week off from running my knee started to feel better and was finally healing properly. During that ‘down week’ I submitted a POT from an earlier race and my husband and I made the decision to look for a new apartment in the city. The apartment we had lived in for four years was great but just wasn’t what we needed anymore. San Francisco is famous for its high cost of living but what many people don’t talk about is what it takes to actually find a place to spend all of your money on. We had 30 days to find a place to live or pay $1,000 in addition to our normal rent to stay in our apartment for 1 extra month. This lit a fire in me and I became completely consumed by apartment tours, research, and trying to find the best (and somewhat affordable) place in the city. And wow did I see it all! From gorgeous ‘cottage-like’ getaways to $6k+ apartments with kitchens literally from the 1950’s, I toured it all! But it was all worth it when we finally found the apartment of our dreams! It was 2x the size of our last place, in the cutest neighborhood, and only $100 more a month. Done and done! I’m so obsessed with my new home – teaser pic below! But with double the space, meant we needed more furniture, which in my mind means redoing the entire apartment. Obvs. So that meant more time and energy focusing on other things.


So fast forward to now and I am finally settled in and am itching to get running again. I have new paths to explore and a refreshed sense of training. I may be a bit behind in the official training program, but hey, no ones perfect. I’m just thankful that I can continue doing what I love and I cannot wait to bring you all back alongside my journey!

Thanks for reading, Sparkles!!

Xoxo Jerica


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